How Can You Help

If you'd like to help us put on an event, shoot us an email at and tell us that you're interested in volunteering.

Alternately, join our Discord and talk to us! We're a rag-tag crew but we're always happy to chat about the league!

Can I help host an event?

If you or your employer is interested in hosting an event, definitely shoot us an email with

Not all spaces or event insurances make it viable, but we're happy to talk it over if you have the authority and enthusiasm to make it happen!

How do I give you money?

While we get our ducks in a row, donations can be made to FUBAR Labs, New Jersey's oldest hackerspace.

They've offered to do passthrough for us while we get our own bank account and donation system up and running.

Be sure to email them and earmark the donation for the league; that way it goes towards our combat robot activities!